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Get the Scoop: What Your Pet's Poop is Telling You

We know it can be an icky subject to talk about- but there is a lot about your pet’s stool that can be an indicator of their health. Not only is it important to monitor what goes into their body, but it is also necessary to keep an eye on what’s coming out.


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Four Fixes for Feline Behavior Issues

Would you know if your cat was stressed?

Due to their seemingly lazy demeanor, the idea of a stressed cat may seem unlikely or even absurd to many pet owners. But if your cat is demonstrating behaviors such as inappropriate elimination, aggression or excessive grooming, stress is likely to be a contributing factor.

In addition, stress can lead to a number of chronic medical conditions, such as Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

Where does stress come from?

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Top This! 5 Healthy Dog Food Toppers

Not everyone has time to cook meals for their dog, but with a little effort, you could try adding some healthy toppers to their dry food that you already give them! Here are the top 5 foods we suggest to give a try:


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See Gracie's Trupanion Pet Insurance Story here

Gracie's Trupanion Story:

"I was very happy that I utilized Trupanion's free 30 day trial when my puppy, Gracie, got into an unknown substance and was experiencing toxicity symptoms. It was a comforting feeling to be able to tell the Emergency Vet to perform whatever tests or procedures were necessary because I had insurance. It was very easy to process the claim and the Trupanion staff were very caring and helpful. Needless to say, I have continued her coverage and would highly recommend it!" -Amber Wright (Gracie's mom)

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Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions by Dr. Tiffany Cardoza

Feline resorptive lesions have only been recognized for the past 40 years. As of yet, the underlying cause is still unknown although research is in progress. What is known about this disease is 60% of cats over 6 years of age have at least one lesion and usually more and are extremely painful. This process involves slow erosion of the tooth from the inside, comparable to cavities. They tend to occur below the gumline and are invisible except for a small amount of inflammation in the surrounding gum tissue.

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Retained Deciduous Teeth by Dr. Tiffany Cardoza, DVM

Like humans, dogs have two sets of teeth in their lives, the deciduous teeth (puppy teeth) and the permanent teeth (adult teeth). Eruption of deciduous teeth occurs in puppies at aroundfour weeks of age. These teeth remain until three to four months of age when they are replaced with adult teeth over the course of two to three months. Frequently in small breeds (Yorkies, Poodles and Chihuahuas) this process can become disorganized or disrupted. This results in both the permanent and puppy tooth being simultaneously present and crowded in the same location.

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Curious about pet insurance? Little Gracie is our patient, here is her Trupanion Story:

My name is Gracie. I am a 9 1/2 month old beagle girl.
My mom says my good looks make up for all the mischief I seem to get myself into. As with most beagles, my nose is always to the ground as I explore my world.
One time I managed to pop some wood caps off of the furniture and swallowed them. Mom had no idea what I had done until it was to late. I didn't feel well and had to go see my friends at Sylvan Vet for treatment.

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