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Dr. Anita Roussell


Building expertise through experience and training.

“My education in veterinary medicine is an essential component for being able to provide great care. I not only gained necessary skills and knowledge, but also came away with a strong personal interest—a passion—that has fueled my career. That passion is every bit as strong today, and my skill still expands with each new patient I see.”

Certification: Sound Technology Certification

DVM: University of Illinois, Urbana

BS: University of South Florida, University of California, Berkeley

Continuing Education: Dr. Roussell completes more than the yearly required amount of 30 hours of continuing education to ensure your pet receives high-quality care.

Keeping your pets healthy for a lifetime.

“Although I am a doctor of veterinary medicine, I share with you the responsibility of being the primary caregiver for your pets. Because you live with them, it’s important that you understand your pets’ health and how to maintain it. My part is to stay in touch with my colleagues to share information and provide the best possible care.”

Member: American Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association, California Veterinary Medical Association

Focused on helping the community.

“I’m committed to helping the local community any way I can. It’s nice to not only help animals, but people, as well.”

Special Interests: Behavior, rehabilitation, preventive medicine, surgery

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