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German Shepherd

The Steady Shepherd Loyal, steadfast, and vigilant, the German Shepherd exemplifies the faithful "Fido": read more

Giant Mixed Breed

Big Love for Big Dogs! If your home is ready for a Giant Mixed Breed dog, then you're ready for these traits: read more

Great Dane

Great Danes: The Iconic Giant Breed Great Danes are often thought of as gentle giants. They often show these traits: read more


Greyhounds will Race into your Heart Greyhounds are just great, for many reasons: read more

Labrador Retriever

That Loveable Lab If you don't have a Labrador Retriever, chances are you know one! These dogs are so popular for some great reasons: read more

Large Mixed Breed

Large, Loveable "Mutts" The Large Mixed Breed dog may have certain traits that would fit your lifestyle: read more

Maine Coon

What a Unique Breed!  Your cat is special! She senses your moods, is curious about your day, and has purred her way into your heart. read more


A Memo on the Maltese If you're up to routine dog grooming mixed with a lot of love, then the Maltese could be your new best friend! What you can expect: read more

Medium Mixed Breed

Somewhere in the Middle... Not too big, not too small - chances are that you chose your Medium Mixed Breed because you expected her to have certain traits that would fit your lifestyle: read more
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